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Your fabricator says they can do porcelain?? How to ask the right questions for your project.

Your fabricator says they can do Porcelain?

Are they doing the right application or selling you on an installation that’s outside of the “normal” wheelhouse for stone fabrication?

Aside from using Interior Stone Inc., the key to finding the right Porcelain installer is to ask the right questions. The goal every time is to strive for a clean, classy and elegant application (also to ensure your product doesn’t fail).
Asking questions ensures your installer has the experience and skill to get the job done right, the first time.

Can they miter it?
– Porcelain profiles are fragile and need extra time and the right tooling to complete the fabrication.

How do they set it?

Do they use thin set?

Are they experienced in water proofing and proper installation applications? 

Do they use silicone? 

Do they have experience working in showers? 

Do they have pictures of their work? This is the key! A well documented portfolio of installation jobs will always help weed out what could be end up a failed Porcelain application and tacky, hacked finished product.

These are questions to ask on your next Porcelain project. Interior Stone, Inc is disrupting the industry standard on Porcelain installation, luxury projects and having fun while doing it! Stay tuned for our next in process project.
This one is a show stopper!

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